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This website is under construction, but will be ready soon...!


If you are an artist in need of promotional design you have come to the right place. My name is Vidar Skrede and I'm a designer with a musicians point of view, I have long experience promoting music and other artistic projects. I design anything from websites, MySpace layouts, posters, flyers, ad for the papers, to CD covers. In other words I make design for web and printing.

My goal is to be affordable for artist's and their projects giving them good zithromax without a prescription looking designs on web and for printing. When it comes to web design I also make user friendly easy-edited/updated solutions for their websites.

Check out my portofolio through the menu on the left an get inspired!

Yet to come on Artist Promo Design is: MySpace profiles, flyers, brochures and more So stay tuned!
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